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How to Choose Ski Goggles

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How to choose ski goggles

Ski goggles are designed to help you enjoy your time on the snow, by providing comfort and protection. Many variables should be considered prior to choosing your goggles, which include altitude, wind, and any obstructive material you encounter, like ice particles and tree branches. Here is a good list of the best ski/boarder goggles. Below is a guide on how to choose ski and boarder goggles.

How to Choose Ski Goggles

How to choose ski goggles

Goggle Frames and Fit

The goggles you choose should sit tight enough for safety, but not so tight that you are not comfortable. Some models provide appropriate fits for larger or smaller heads. The majority of frames are made from polyurethane, due to its flexibility and temperature control. While choosing goggles, consider the following:


As the name states, pads providing comfort for the face. The padding should provide cushion around face, and should not promote fogging inside the goggles. Some goggle types may use foam consisting of multiply layers, while other offer just one layer. Multiply layers provide additional ventilation that prevents fogging.

Helmet Compatibility

All goggles should be able to fit with any helmet. However, the quality of the fit is different from helmet to helmet. It is ideal to bring your helmet along when trying on goggles.

Strap Adjustments

Most goggle adjustment straps have a single slide adjustment, though some are made with an open/close fastener with sliding buckles on both sides to make adjustments. Goggles specifically made for children are likely to have a non-adjustable strap.

Over the Glass (OTG) Styles

OTG goggles provide space on the interior of the goggles to accommodate prescription glasses. If you wear prescription glasses, you will require this style of goggles. OTG goggles reduce the pressure on the temples and nose as a result of wearing goggles over prescription glasses. Oakley is well known for their style of goggles.

Goggle Lens Shape

Cylindrical Lenses

This surface of this lens is flat up in the middle between the nose and forehead, but the contour from left to right is conical (curved). These lenses are generally less expensive than spherical lenses, but the flatness causes glare problems and the peripheral vision is significantly reduced.

Spherical Lenses

This type of lens curves both up and down, and left to right. Conical spherical lenses provide greater peripheral vision, reduced distortion in your line of sight, and reduce the glare from incoming light. However, spherical lenses are considerably more expensive.

Light Transmission and Lens Color

The color of the goggle lenses are important to the light filtration. It also significantly affects the eyes interpretation of the surrounding environment, also known as visible light transmission. Smith goggles offer a wide selection of lens and with a variety of colors.

Lighter Tints

Lighter tints let in more light. Colors such as yellow, green or light red, will be most useful on days when the sun is concealed.

Darker Tints

Darker tints such as, brown and gray let in less light and are more useful on days in which the sun is shining in the fullness of her strength.

If you spend a lot of time on the slopes, it would be advantageous to own a pair of both light and dark colors to accommodate the weather changes. Bolle goggles has good selection of tinted ski goggles.

Goggle Ventilation / Anti-fog Protection

When the warmth from your body, comes in contact with the outside cold, condensation forms inside your goggles. Goggle manufacturers have a variety of methods for combatting the formation of fog with in the goggles.


Some goggles are constructed with vents on the top and bottom in order to control the presence of condensation within the goggles. Larger vents work better, but will expose your face to cold air.

Double-layered Lenses

Essentially all goggles are designed with double-layered lenses due to its anti-fogging properties. The double layer creates a thermal barricade, reducing chances for condensation inside the goggles.

Anti-fog Coating

Much like RainX repels water from a car windshields, anti-fog coatings inhibits the formation of fog on goggle lenses. Majority of medium to high grade ski goggles, have an anti-fog coating included into the manufacturing process.


Though not very common, there are some high end goggle manufacturers that utilize fans to reduce fog. These fans are compact and battery operated, and in some cases the fans are adjustable.

Additional Lens Options

Digital Display

Digital display lenses offer provide a trendy technological aspect. They display various information, including GPS information, temperature, time, and much more on the inside of the lens.

Interchangeable Lenses

As the name describes, you can change the lenses out to suit your specific need.

Mirrored Lenses

A mirrored lens reflects more light than traditional lenses, but might slightly reduce your vision.

Photochromic Lenses

These lenses automatically transition as light intensity changes.

Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses are a hit in most outdoor sports. Snow sports are no exception. These lenses filter light reducing the glare.

UV protection

Essentially all goggles made today offer total UV protection.

Best Fishing Spots

Top Five Fishing Spots in Florida

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Best Florida Fishing Spots

Florida is known for its numerous pristine white sand beaches and its notorious children’s amusement park, Disney World. In addition to these well-known attractions, it is home to some exceptional fishing spots for both fresh water and salt-water fishing. Since it is a destination known for family centered vacations, many of the best fishing spots are designed specifically for the whole family to enjoy.

They include parks and recreation near the fishing spots and excellent camping grounds. Most importantly, because these spots are highly populated with fish, “non-fishermen” are more likely to stay interested in the adventure, since they are likely to find a “big catch” or two, of their own! So before you head off to Florida to catch some big fish, you will need a fish finder and an inflatable kayak to reach those tough to get to spots!

Whether you are interested in charting a boat for some incredible deep-sea fishing or prefer to reel in an enormous bass off one of the plentiful fresh water piers, there is something for every angler, from the youngest to the most seasoned. Your exhilarating day of fishing will lead to delicious dinner caught by your own hands.

Best Florida Fishing Spots

#1 Destin

Destin bears the infamous nickname “Luckiest Fishing Village in the World!” The emerald-green water is the envy of oceanic waters across the nation. In addition to attracting millions of people, these beautiful waters are home to many exotic fish. Chartering a boat for a day of fun filled offshore fishing will surely lead to a dinner a tasty fish. After catching your limit, you can come back ashore as baste on the impeccable white sand beach. If you want to take day off from fishing, the whole family will enjoy the many tourist attractions that fill the days and nights of beautiful Destin.


#2 Long Key State Park, Florida Keys

Take the family for a camping trip in the Long Key State Park and enjoy fishing the incredible Florida Keys. These sixty campsites are in high demand, so be sure to plan your fun filled adventure about one year in advance to ensure you are able to secure a spot. You will enjoy the scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean as you prepare the day’s catch for the family dinner at your campsite. This fishing spot is known for outstanding bone fishing. If you enjoy kayak fishing or fly fishing, you will certainly enjoy fishing this attractive spot.


#3 Lake Okeechobee

If you are in search of the enormous largemouth bass, this famous bass fishing lake is exactly what you are looking for. It is home to some of the largest fishing tournaments in North America. You can stay at a nearby hotel, camp out at one of the local campsites, or stay in one of the many resorts on the lake. In order to make the most of your experience, take advantage of the numerous charter boats or informative fishing guides. You will not need to exaggerate the size of your catch at Lake Okeechobee. At this site, it is even possible to set a world record on a leisurely day of fishing!


#4 Sarasota

This Southwest coastal fishing village faces the stunning waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Take advantage of the plentiful charters and guides, as well as the numerous public access points. Some fish that you may encounter in this adventure include, redfish, dorado, trout, snook, and grouper. Do not forget to stop by the Siesta Key, named “One of the best beaches in the United States) before you leave!


#5 Lake Panasoffkee

Lake Panasoffkee us the perfect place for a family fishing expedition. You have the option of staying in one of the local lodges or indulging in the full experience by camping out at one of the campgrounds surrounding the water. Big long-nosed gar and bass are a couple of the fish that take up residence in the breath-taking lake. Located in a remote area, only fifty-five miles from Orlando, Lake Panasoffkee offers more than just fishing. You can take in the picturesque scene through a serene horseback ride, or through an adventurous biking or hiking trip.


Kayaking Spots

Top five Kayaking Spots in Southern California

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Top five Kayaking Spots in Southern California

Southern California has some of the best kayaking in the country.  With there so many locations, it is difficult to narrow it down to only 5 locations in Southern California. We have done our best to come up with locations that show off the best California has to offer. We promise you will not regret kayaking in any of these locations. Here is a large list of kayaking spots in Southern California.


 #1 Los Angeles River

The Los Angeles River is an urbanized river that is both natural and synthetic. Concrete channels were constructed in the in the 1930’s due to floods that devastated southern California. It is a river that that flows directly through the heart of Los Angeles. While you kayak through this river, you are sure to see many native birds including, great blue heron, Canada goose, red-tailed hawk, Muscovy duck, mallard, white pelican, snowy egret, and more, incredible fowl. If you decide to throw in a fishing line off the side of your kayak, you will find crayfish, mosquito fish, largemouth bass, blue gill, green sunfish, and tilapia, just to name a few.

 #2 Alamitos Bay

Alamitos Bay is another spot in Southern California good for kayaking. To navigate Alamitos Bay completely you will need about four hours. If you decide to paddle or kayak in Alamitos Bay, remember the area around Marine Stadium is closed to paddle water craft after 8:00 AM, because they open this area to water skiers. During this journey, kayakers are dazzled by the enchanting views of the Naples canals. Alamitos Bay is within a sheltered area away from the powerful waves of the robust Pacific Ocean.

 #3 La Jolla

La Jolla is an upscale area in San Diego, California. This is a hilly area on the Pacific coastline. Choosing this for kayaking, gives you the opportunity to paddle amidst La Jolle’s legendary 6,000 acre Underwater Reserve including the seven caves. Look forward to seeing spectacular marine life and gorgeous reefs. Booking a tour will ensure good equipment and instructors well versed in the waters around La Jolla. Don’t forget to look for the Ecological Reserve where you can lay eyes upon dolphins, sea lions, whales, and leopard sharks!

kayaking south california

#4 Channel Island

The area around Channel Island is some of the best sea kayaking in the United States. The area of the park most notable for kayaking is the area around Scorpion Beach on East Santa Cruz Island and through the sea caves. This location is fit with easy beach access, beautiful water, and camping. Sea Kayaking around the areas that encompass San Miguel and Santa Rosa should be done with cautions, by experienced kayakers only. There have been many specific dangers reported in this area.

 #5 Marina Del Ray

Marina Del Ray includes popular activities such as kayaking, fishing, and windsurfing. Mothers Beach is among the attractions for kayaking in this area. Located at the end of Basin D, Mother’s Beach is an excellent spot with a low wake that serves as an excellent place to enjoy kayaking. Marina Del Ray is also a popular spot a kayak fishing. In this area, you may catch sand bass, barracuda, bonito, calicos, spotted bay ball, and other appealing marine life.